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National Board Networks


The National Board Networks™ work in tandem with the National Board to build accomplished teaching across the nation. The networks work to identify opportunities to broaden the influence of National Board Certified Teachers and expand their influence to reform education.

The Networks offers a range of programs and activities developed to suit local needs. Additionally, they facilitate ongoing communication between the National Board, NBCTs and other teacher leaders in the field. Below is a list of networks, websites, and contact details. 


Overview of Networks

National Board Networks have grown organically out of local needs to support educators. Networks champion the work of the National Board and mobilize NBCTs to build accomplished teaching across the nation. Networks provide opportunities for NBCTs to broaden their influence and opens doors to teacher leadership.

There are 75 Networks across 39 states. About a third of National Board Networks are associated with an education association or organization, 50% are statewide networks, 50% are district or regional networks, and there are three nationwide networks. 

Activities of the Networks

The Network offers a range of programs and activities. 

Activities may include:

  • Pre-candidacy sessions

  • Awareness sessions for Board-certification

  • Candidate recruitment and support

  • Advocacy and policy training

  • Leading Hill Day in their state

  • Professional learning for teacher leaders

  • Celebrating new/renewed NBCTs

  • Leading conferences for local NBCTs and interested teachers and policy makers

Get Involved or Start a Network

Do you want to step forward as a teacher leader, help others grow through the National Board Certification process and expand your advocacy in education?


Join a National Board Network as a member or as a part of their leadership team.


Networks and contact information are listed below and on each state’s page


If you want to start a network in your state, region or district, reach out to Tami Fitzgerald, NBCT.

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